Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Episode 13 Wildfire


You are going to Watch Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Episode 13 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Episode 13 Online Wildfire. Hannah manages to maneuver Jack's Cadillac past an earthquake area. Hammer sets fire to the jungle with dynamite. As Jack investigates the fire, Wilhelmina assigns him to deliver nitro glycerin to blow the canyon escorted by the poachers and Mustapha. The convoy runs into a sick Tree Grazer, but Hannah helps it. The convoy manages to cross an unstable bridge and avoid Laschard. Hammer loses one of the trucks. At the river, Hammer tries to dispose of Jack, but he and Hannah fires at them. Hammer recruits Laschard to assist him. With more pursuing, Hannah drives the Cadillac and crashes into the canyon wall, blocking the fire.

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