Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Episode 3 Death Ray


You are going to Watch Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Episode 3 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Episode 3 Online Death Ray. Dr. Fessenden shows Wilhelmina a satellite laser, but needs to get to the station in Grith territory. Wilhelmina requests Jack to take Dr. Fessenden there. They avoid a Shivet on the way. Jack receives a talisman from the Griths. Hammer abducts Dr. Fessenden, finding out about the Death Ray. Jack, Hannah and Fessenden reach the station and Hannah finds out Dr. Fessenden's true intentions. Hammer catches Jack and Hannah. Before the laser can be tested on them, they escape. Hammer intends to destroy Sea City. As Hannah re-aims the laser on the station, Hammer's lot flees. Jack rescues a Zeek's baby before the station blows up. Jack leaves the talisman to the Griths.

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