Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Episode 4 Siege


You are going to Watch Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Episode 4 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Episode 4 Online Siege. After Jack stops Hammer from poaching tri-colored Sandbucks, he swears revenge. Mikla goes undercover getting in Jack's inner circle when she thwarts a minor attack from poachers. Hammer sends his full force to siege Jack's garage. Before Jack and his men can fire the lava launchers, they malfunction from the valve Hermes damaged earlier. Jack descends into the crater to reach the source having difficulty along the way, but turns the main valve. The attackers are warded off, but Hammer penetrates and captures everyone. Jack tricks Hammer into turning on the water system that flushes them out of the garage.

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