Canaan Episode 9 English Dubbed


Stream anime episodes online for free, Watch Canaan Episode 9 English version online and free episodes. Anime Episode guide, Chapter Canaan Episode 9 English dubbed Flower of the Past Canaan and the others arrive at the outskirts of an abandoned village, where Santana reveals to everyone that it had been the staging grounds of the Ua virus when a said infestation would have actually occurred. He later resigns from the CIA in disgust when he learns that CIA operatives had disguised themselves as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention personnel with the Snakes under Alphard in order to tests it effectiveness on the villagers, which resulted in the creation of both the Borners and the Unblooms in an effort to create supersoldiers under the "Flower Garden Plan." Alphard later encounters Santana, telling him that she would head to the "Factory". A Snakes chopper under Liang Ji's control ambushed Canaan when she targeted her by firing rockets, temporarily sealing her in rubble with Alphard encountering the mercenary. When Alphard left, she informed the ex-CIA agent that he needs to tell Canaan her real name. As Canaan was about to get out of the rubble, Alphard tells Santana that Canaan's name was "Despair".

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