Candy Candy Episode 111 English Subbed


Watch full Candy Candy Episode 111 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Candy Candy Episode 111 English sub streaming online. The memories come back. As the shock begins to subside, Dr. Leonard gets right to the heart of the matter for the reason of Candy's loss of her work: Candy's dysfunctional relationship with the Leagan family. Meanwhile, Albert collapses at work and when he wakes again finds he has recovered all of his lost memories. The first memories that come to mind are those of sweet Candy, and how they share the same apartment. Though first annoyed at having to drive Eliza's friend around, Neil looks upon it as an opportunity to make Candy jealous when he sees her walking in town. But she thinks he knows of what his mother has done, and in her anger makes a dent into his car. And when Eliza tells him of her and his mother's success over Candy, he finally sees them for what they are. Dr. Martin and Albert come across Candy pondering in the park at the same time a lion has escaped the zoo and is prowling them. Albert saves the day and the lion by using his talent to make animals trust him and gets hired by the zoo over it. He takes her on a picnic and has her promise that they are friends, living together, and that she should share her troubles with him, but he fails to mention he knows his past again. Another plus is that Dr. Martin hires Candy as his nurse, though he pays for it by not having his whiskey at easy reach anymore. Neil seeks Candy out and tells her he has a job, while she is being totally honest when she says she hates him. Upset, he throws a magazine at her which tells of Terry's downfall as a star: Terry has abandoned his acting career. When next she leaves from work, a chauffeur comes to pick her up to give her a lift to a gentleman who wants to see her; that gentleman is Terry ...

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