Candy Candy Episode 15 English Subbed


Watch full Candy Candy Episode 15 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Candy Candy Episode 15 English sub streaming online. The decision which took away my happiness. At the Leagans, Candy learns that Dorothy will be sent off to Mexico as an extra hand for the Ardley property. Mr. Leagan is absent again and cannot intervene. Anthony helps Candy to retrieve the horses Eliza and Neil chased out of the barn and compliments her on her lasso throwing skills. The Leagan children chased off the horses as a distraction, so they can frame Candy for thievery. As a result, Mrs. Leagan decides Candy will be sent to Mexico in Dorothy's place. Torn between remaining to see Anthony, or maintain her honor by going to Mexico, Candy entreats for Albert's advice. Albert gets her message, but is chased off by one of Ardley's overseers and unable to help her. Not having received any news from Albert, and finding the dilapidated Ardley mansion in the woods deserted, Candy is sure she lost a friend, just as she will lose Anthony, Archibald and Alistear when she goes to Mexico.

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