Candy Candy Episode 21 English Subbed


Watch full Candy Candy Episode 21 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Candy Candy Episode 21 English sub streaming online. A pigeon that carried friendship. While Candy is bored by having to learn the aristocratic ways - being dressed, butlers delivering messages, learning all the Ardley names, dates of birth and death by heart - Eliza lures Anthony on a horse riding trip with a lie. After a dispute over it, both horse riders nearly collide with Tom's cart. When Tom demands repayment for the spilt milk, Anthony gives his name, before leaving with Eliza to have her taken care off and upon her pleas remains at her bedside until late at night. Upset at being snubbed by Anthony's no-show, Tom first accuses Anthony of being a coward and a womanizer at the Leagan estate and then at the Ardleys. Early the next morning, Anthony meets Tom in the forest to own up for his mistakes. They hold a fistfight that ends at stalemate when both are exhausted and agree to be friends. To make amends, Anthony and Candy escort Tom when he delivers the milk, and this inspires the townspeople to gossip. Great-aunt Elroy is so incensed that she confines Candy to the house and sends Anthony to live in the dilapidated mountain mansion where Albert used to live. Anthony spends his time with Tom, working at the house and training a pigeon to carry a message to the forlorn Candy. In the message he assures her that he loves his new living situation and freedom.

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