Candy Candy Episode 38 English Subbed


Watch full Candy Candy Episode 38 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Candy Candy Episode 38 English sub streaming online. Terry's secret. One night, because Archibald's beacon to identify the correct balcony has gone out, Candy chooses wrong and lands in Terry's empty room. Candy picks up a picture of the American Broadway actress Eleanor Baker, who turns out to be Terry's mother. Terry enters his room, orders her out and shouts she may never tell anyone about it, while ripping the picture into tiny pieces. She jumps to the other balcony to Archibald and Alistear's room and discovers the two are great admirers of Eleanor Baker and own a huge collection of her pictures. By chance she comes across a picture of Anthony, which Alistear gives her. Meanwhile, Terry realizes Candy meant no harm and also regrets tearing up his mother's picture. Terry was born out of wedlock after a romance between his father and the actress, and though the eldest son, he is treated by his stepmother as a bastard. Terry had traveled to New York in the hope of finding and meeting his mother, but she asked him never to visit again before returning to her admirers. Upset, Terry steals into the barn and gallops off into the woods on his white horse. When she sees Terry galloping through the park, Candy rushes down the emergency stairs in a frenzy and trips. Terry dismounts and carries Candy inside for medical treatment, while she calls out to Anthony. He retreats after Sister Margaret fetches Sister Gray to cure Candy and wonders who this Anthony might be.

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