Candy Candy Episode 73 English Subbed


Watch full Candy Candy Episode 73 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Candy Candy Episode 73 English sub streaming online. Rumors about Terrius. When Candy shares the chocolates she was given as a birthday present by Alistear and Archibald with the other students, Franny rejects her offer and declares she hates girls like Candy. While Candy recognizes that Franny is made of the same austere wood as Merry Jane, she fails to understand why Franny would hate her so. Meanwhile in Europe, the Austrian prince Franz Ferdinand has been assassinated in Serbia, and once Austria occupies Serbia in response, Great Britain declares war on Austria and Germany. World War I has begun. Any daydreaming about spending her summer with Patricia and the Cornwell brothers is dispelled. But when Candy encounters a news article giving rave reviews of Terry as a rising star, the onset of the war is far from her mind. Terry plays a part in Macbeth on Broadway, but none off the positive reviews interest him much. His mind is on World War I. He worries for Candy's safety, regrets leaving her behind, and realizes he can do very little to help. Meanwhile at Joseph Hospital nurses and doctors work hard not to discuss the war in front of the patients. But Candy worries about Patricia's safety. Then Candy learns she, Franny and three other students are sent to Chicago in order to learn surgical techniques that she might have to use as a war nurse.

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