Candy Candy Episode 74 English Subbed


Watch full Candy Candy Episode 74 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Candy Candy Episode 74 English sub streaming online. Heading to the hospital in a big city. On their last day at Joseph Hospital, Candy does her last tour amongst the patients. But Candy cannot bring herself to reveal this. Franny forces Candy to tell, and, when Candy cannot, Franny does it for her in her businesslike way. Candy is furious about the emotional havoc Franny wreaks with Candy's patients, but Franny accuses her of not thinking about her colleagues who have to do her round after her. Meanwhile the other three students prefer to stay on good terms with Franny and freeze out Candy in the hope that Franny will assist them with their academic and professional survival. Candy comes to realize that medical treatment needs the collaboration of doctors and nurses as a team. Unbeknownst to all five students, the patients have organized a farewell party together with the medical staff. Even frosty Franny cannot hide how touched she is by it all from Candy. When they arrive at the huge Saint Joanna Hospital in Chicago, Candy is disgusted with the cold bureaucratic ambiance and cries foul when a nurse dismisses a panicking child as a minor emergency. To Candy's surprise, Franny takes her side in defending Merry Jane. Eventually the five of them take care of the boy's wound as a team. Candy and Franny discover that they both need each other to complement their weaknesses.

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