Candy Candy Episode 87 English Subbed


Watch full Candy Candy Episode 87 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Candy Candy Episode 87 English sub streaming online. Two people's trial. Candy finds Albert hard at work trying to recall his past, with Poope squeaking encouragement, and wonders if Terry could help jog Albert's memory. Meanwhile Dr. Leonard starts to watch Candy carefully when he sees her spending so much time to take care of Albert. In New York, Susanna has found out where Terry lives and visits him to inform him that there will be an audition for Romeo and Juliet, just as he was looking up information for Candy to stay and enjoy Broadway in New York with him during the holidays. Susanna hopes the pair of them will play the leads, but Terry gives her the cold shoulder each time she tries to get close to him. Terry sends Candy a letter of his plan to invite her to Broadway and his coming audition for Romeo. Dr. Leonard catches her reading in a tree and chastises her in his office about her being only a student and needing to pass the exam if she wishes to care for their special patient Albert. This motivates Candy to follow classes with attention and late hours of studying. She's even more motivated to pass her exam, when Albert mentions how the other nurses and doctors make him feel like a pariah. At the audition, Eleanor Baker slips in to watch her son, who has to audition his part with Karen Kreiss as Juliet, while - much to her dismay - Susanna must audition for Juliet with Cary Grant as Romeo. Both Terry and Candy realize now is not the time for daydreaming, but to prove themselves in their chosen career.

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