Candy Candy Episode 98 English Subbed


Watch full Candy Candy Episode 98 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Candy Candy Episode 98 English sub streaming online. Heart-racing curtain rising. Terry escorts Candy to her hotel room before he sets out for his final rehearsal. Terry wishes to be the most happy he can pretend to be and perform at his best for his Romeo part for Candy's sake who has traveled such a long way from Chicago. Before going home, he wishes her good night unnoticed from under Candy's window. But when he comes home, Terry finds a note from Susanna's mother who reproofs him for not visiting Susanna that day. He goes to the hospital, where her mother tells him that Susanna has started to smile again because of his daily visits. Susanna inquires after Candy, but soon tearful expresses her belief how happy they both must be and how lucky Candy is. The next day, Candy sets out for the theatre with flowers for Terry and encounters the Leagans at the entrance. In disbelief, Neil tears her ticket in pieces and Candy is denied admission. Candy sneaks in backstage and hopes Terry will act on her behalf, but it is Karen who helps her in with a personally signed program, upsetting Eliza even more. Once inside, Candy starts to overhear from other spectators what has occurred to Susanna, and how Terry is being emotionally blackmailed into marrying Susanna. Knowing that this is not love at all, Candy cannot bear to sit down the play anymore. She leaves for the hospital to confront Susanna, woman to woman.

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