Candy Candy Episode 99 English Subbed


Watch full Candy Candy Episode 99 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Candy Candy Episode 99 English sub streaming online. Separation on a snowy day. Susanna disappears to the roof where she plans to commit suicide. Meanwhile Candy has arrived at Susanna's room and reads Susanna's suicide note. She finds Susanna on the roof and saves her from a deadly fall at the lost moment. First, Susanna begs her to let go of her, so that she will not be a burden for either Terry and Candy. In the face of so much sacrifice, Candy realizes she cannot make Terry suffer either. Terry arrives and settles Susanna back into her bed, while Candy weighs the events and emotions. Terry is unable to find any words to explain himself to Candy and can feel her mood as she goes to Susanna's room. In private, Candy tells Susanna that she is leaving for Chicago that same night. Terry runs after her, demanding to bring her to the station. He holds on to her for dear life and presses her close to him. Though Terry's love does her good, Candy knows that she must go. And so does Terry, wanting her to promise him that she will try her best to be happy. It is their final goodbye. The happy days from London will never return. While Candy walks through the cold snow for the train station, Terry watches her go from Susanna's window and tells Susanna he chose her over Candy, if not in his heart yet, he did in his actions.

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