Cardcaptor Sakura Episode 45 English Dubbed


You are going to Watch Cardcaptor Sakura Episode 45 English dubbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime Cardcaptor Sakura Episode 45 Online English dub Sakura and the Final Clow Card, Sakura saves Tomoyo from falling in an ‘earthquake’ which is caused by a Clow Card, which turns out to be the EARTHY card. Ms. Mizuki is nearby and there is nothing going around her. Sakura uses to SLEEP card to put everyone except herself, Kero, Tomoyo, and Syaoran to sleep, so they can’t see them use magic; Ms. Mizuki is not affected by the card, however. Sakura uses the FLY card to see from above; while Syaoran makes sure everyone is safe. Sakura calls the WATERY card to fight the EARTHY card. Kero protects Sakura by breathing out a fireball at the EARTHY card. After some hard thinking, Sakura decides to use the WOODY card to bind the EARTHY card, so she can seal it. Now with the EARTHY card in her possession, all the Clow Cards are collected and Kero is able to go into his true form.

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