Casper the Friendly Ghost Episode 24 Puss 'n Boos


You are going to Watch Casper the Friendly Ghost Episode 24 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Casper the Friendly Ghost Episode 24 Online Puss 'n Boos. Casper rescues two baby kittens from drowning, and they become his friends forever. They're hungry, though, and they need milk. Casper pulls off his sheet to become invisible so that he can milk a friendly cow. When the cow sees a bucket with her milk in it floating away, she immediatly runs to a "Psycowatrist," as she believes that she is losing it. Now, full of milk, one of the kittens sees a nest of baby birds in a tree and charges them. The mother bird comes to their defense. The other kitten ties a string to a bone and drags it in front of a sleeping bulldog. The dog doesn't think it's funny and gives chase.

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