Castle Town Dandelion Episode 10 English Dubbed


Watch full Castle Town Dandelion Episode 10 English Dubbed streaming online. Castle Town Dandelion Episode 10 English dub online for free in HD. Search☆Light's Whereabouts / Big Brother Being A Big Bro In the first part, Sacchan confides to her assistant her dislike of people of royalty, as she feels they live carefree lives and manage to accomplish their goals without any real effort. Meanwhile, Light and her manager discuss about revealing her true identity as royalty to the public help her approval ratings in the election, but Light refuses to do so, having grown to love her life as an idol and wanting to keep it separate from the election. The entire conversation is overheard by Sacchan, who is puzzled by Light's motives. During another twin performance by Light and Sacchan, Light reveals her true identity as Hikari to Sacchan, but Sacchan, having realized how serious she was taking her job, proclaims that she will only see her as Light. In the second part, Kanade continues to feel guilty over inadvertently ruining Shū's dream to become a soccer player. On the way home from a shopping trip, Kanade sees Shū and Satō, then Shū walks with Kanade along the way and she argues about her motive for winning the election and runs away. A sudden gust of wind knocks over a set of construction pipes hanging over her, but Shū is able to rescue her. Kanade admonishes him for not taking care of himself, but Shū replies that an older brother should always take care of his younger sister and then promises that he will always protect her. Kanade later decides to no longer become king for Shū's sake, and instead resolves to become king for her own sake.

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