Castle Town Dandelion Episode 12 English Dubbed


Watch full Castle Town Dandelion Episode 12 English Dubbed streaming online. Castle Town Dandelion Episode 12 English dub online for free in HD. Who Will the Crown Shine Upo As the Sakurada siblings begin their final pre-election speeches, Akane is noticeably more comfortable around people, even going to school on her own. Kanade discusses with the student council president about her final speech and says that she will talk about all of her siblings' fine points. Aoi is assured by her friends that they will always remain together in spite of what happens during the election. Satō becomes worried that Shū will not be able to spend more time with her if he becomes king, but Shū reassures her that he will never let her feel lonely. Misaki receives a gift made by the schoolmates she frequently assisted, who all assure that they will vote for her. Though she believes it is ultimately pointless since her older siblings are in the lead, Haruka assures her that the probabilities he calculated are not absolute. Hikari is no longer concerned about the election and focuses all of her efforts on an idol election. Teru manages to finish his final pre-election speech with Shiori's assistance, but Satsuki advises him to speak his honest emotions instead. The next day, the election begins and Aoi announces her true ability to the public, adding that she will withdraw from the election because it. Moments later, a blimp spirals out of control and threatens to crash into the castle, sparking a panic. However, the siblings all work together to safely land the blimp and restore order, with Shū televising a heartfelt speech in the process. The election proceeds, and Shū wins, being crowned king. In a voice-over narration, Akane describes the lives her siblings led after the election. She then laments that while she didn't develop as much as her siblings, she is proud to have changed a little. On her way to school, Akane spots a dandelion at the side of the street and admires it.

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