Castle Town Dandelion Episode 7 English Dubbed


Watch full Castle Town Dandelion Episode 7 English Dubbed streaming online. Castle Town Dandelion Episode 7 English dub online for free in HD. Worrywart King / Secret Idol During the first part, the Sakurada family takes a vacation overseas, but Kanade and Shiori are left at the house to take care of Akane when she catches a high fever. Kanade becomes upset at her father, Sōichirō, for obsessing over her, Akane, and Shiori's safety and setting up a team of SAT officers to guard them. In the end, when Kanade attacks Shū (who was teleported from overseas to retrieve a forgotten item) after mistaking him for an intruder, SAT officers storms in, causing Kanade to be infuriated at her father. In the second part, Hikari's increasing popularity as Light Sakuraba puts Sacchan at odds with her, believing that she had not understood the true efforts of an idol. This causes her to treat her coldly and criticize her performing methods. Light learns from her manager that Sacchan worked her way into the idol business through a lot of hard effort and with no connections. During the day of a twin performance by Light and Sacchan, Sacchan accidentally sprains her ankle and Light performs the remainder of the concert alone. Witnessing Light make her performance, Sacchan realizes her mistake, apologizes to Light for the bad treatment she put her through, and asks if they could be friendly rivals, which Light accepts.

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