Castle Town Dandelion Episode 9 English Dubbed


Watch full Castle Town Dandelion Episode 9 English Dubbed streaming online. Castle Town Dandelion Episode 9 English dub online for free in HD. Scarlet Bloom / Big Sister's Birthday Wishing to find a way to help Akane overcome her shyness towards the public, Aoi and Kanade decide to create a masked superhero named Scarlet Bloom as an alter-ego for Akane and give her a pair of glasses to hide her true identity, though, in reality, everyone recognizes her for who she really is and are only playing along. However, as her election rank rises to third place as a result of her heroic deeds, she finally realizes her sisters' deception when she saves a girl from falling, as said girl recognized her as Scarlet Bloom despite her not wearing the glasses. In the second part, Misaki continues to have doubts over her abilities as king, and reveals that she only wanted to become king to impress Haruka. After receiving emotional support from Haruka, she finally starts her election and gives a self-made speech to the public on her own. Meanwhile, Aoi begins to believe that she is always a burden for everyone and that she will not be able to interact with her friends much if she became king. On Christmas Eve, her friends are forced to leave her for their own personal businesses, reinforcing her suspicions. However, after being invited to a friend's house unexpectedly, she realizes that they were actually preparing for her birthday party, wishing to celebrate with her alone before her siblings would prepare for their own.

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