Catscratch Episode 14b Mall Adjusted


You are going to Watch Catscratch Episode 14b online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Catscratch Episode 14b Online Mall Adjusted. Waffle bankrupts the cats after purchasing his favorite new toy: all the bubble-wrap in the world! The cats are kicked out of the mansion and Hovis and the newts are repossessed! With no money, the cats are forced to endure degradation in its worst of forms; working at the mall! Every time they go work at many of the stores in the mall, they always get fired. When another job that involves making root beer, the brothers take their energy into making root beer. A string of gigs leads to a series of destruction, chaos, and of course, firings. Just how will the cats get out of debt when they've got no skills? Maybe it's time for them to learn the true meaning of a hard day's work

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