Celebrity Deathmatch Season 1 Episode 11 37th Annual Sci-Fi Fight Night


You will Watch Celebrity Deathmatch Season 1 Episode 11 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Celebrity Deathmatch Episode 11 37th Annual Sci-Fi Fight Night. Fight 1: This fight wasn't planned. Celine was singing the national anthem when Keith attacked her from behind. Keith Flint's head is ripped off and eaten by Celine Dion, who then reveals herself to be Zatar the Alien. Zatar possesses Don King, causing him to faint after Zatar delivers a message through him. Fight 2: This fight also wasn't planned. It was a Sci-Fi Q&A segment with Peter and Mark until Zatar killed them, enraging Nick to leave the booth and end Zatar's disruptive behavior. Two security guards accidentally shock each other while trying to stun Zatar with stun rods, who is dancing on the head of a catatonic Don King. Mark Hamill's and Peter Mayhew's heads are repeatedly slammed into the canvas by Zatar until both of them explode. Nick Diamond shoves his hand through Zatar's eyeball and pulls out his brains. Fight 3: The actors are dressed as their respective roles in sci-fi: The X-Files and Men in Black. Will Smith accidentally vaporizes himself and Tommy Lee Jones after holding a ray gun backwards.

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