Celebrity Deathmatch Season 1 Episode 12 Masters of the Martial Arts


You will Watch Celebrity Deathmatch Season 1 Episode 12 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Celebrity Deathmatch Episode 12 Masters of the Martial Arts. Fight 1: After being pinned under Roseanne for two rounds, Kelsey escaped the pin by slipping out of his own skin. Roseanne had a heart attack when she saw Kelsey's skinless body and promptly died. Fight 2: Courtney Love is mauled to pieces by an angry mama bear when Brandy tried to give Courtney its cub as a peace-offering. Fight 3: Jean Claude Van Damme, thinking guest referee Chuck Norris was his opponent, kicked him cleanly in half through his waist. He was later reprimanded by Mills Lane when he reveals that he's supposed to be fighting Jackie Chan and not Norris. Jackie Chan ripped the arms off of Chuck Norris's corpse and decapitated Jean-Claude with them.

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