Celebrity Deathmatch Season 1 Episode 2 Where is Stallone?


You will Watch Celebrity Deathmatch Season 1 Episode 2 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Celebrity Deathmatch Episode 2 Where is Stallone? Fight 1: Jerry Springer interfered with both combatants, causing a double disqualification and challenged the two for a match individually, postponing the fight to a later date. A popcorn vendor is crushed when Oprah accidentally knocks down a spotlight on top of him. Fight 2: Both Liam's and Noel Gallagher's heads are smashed by Gallagher's mallet. Fight 3: In a bizarre twist, both fighters punched and knocked each other out, prompting referee Mills Lane to count them out. Arnold managed to stand up, but Sylvester sweep-kicked him to the floor as he stood up. Mills then declared Sylvester the winner. Arnold Schwarzenegger flicked a cigar into the audience that landed in Don King's hair, setting him on fire and eventually burning him alive. Also featuring Adrian Zmed.

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