Celebrity Deathmatch Season 6 Episode 4 King of the Lil' People


You will Watch Celebrity Deathmatch Season 6 Episode 4 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Celebrity Deathmatch Episode 89 King of the Lil' People. Fight 1: Since both Bow Wow and Romeo had dropped the "Lil'" part of their rap names when they grew up, the Deathmatch crew murdered them so they could be brought back as their "Lil'" selves with the Deathmatch time machine. Bow Wow and Romeo are both murdered before the match by the Deathmatch crew so they could be brought back as children. Lil' Romeo bleeds to death when Lil' Bow Wow chews off his genitals. Also featuring Master P, Lil' Romeo's father. Fight 2: Lil' Wayne walks past his stepfather's gun cabinets three times and shot himself with a pistol, a machine gun, and a bazooka (all in that order). The death occurs off-screen, but Lil' Wayne's charred and headless corpse was shown afterwards. Lil Wayne's death is based on him accidentally shooting himself with a gun when he was twelve. Fight 3: Lil' Kim wouldn't fight unless she served jail time afterwards, which would boost her record sales. Lil' Flip and Bow Wow (who both won their bouts earlier in the episode) challenged Lil Jon after he proclaimed himself "King of the Lil' People". Lil' Flip and Bow Wow are blown up by Lil Jon's new album (Crunk Rock), which was literally "da bomb." Also featuring Master P.

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