Chaika - The Coffin Princess Episode 1 English Dubbed


You are going to Watch Chaika - The Coffin Princess Episode 1 English dubbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime Chaika - The Coffin Princess Episode 1 Online English dub The Girl who Bears the Coffin. While foraging for food in the forest, an unemployed saboteur, Toru Acura, encounters Chaika Trabant, a young white-haired wizard who is carrying a coffin. Their encounter is interrupted by the appearance of a man-eating unicorn. As Toru and Chaika flee they come up with a plan: Toru will delay the beast to allow Chaika the time she needs to cast her spell using her magic Gundo sniper rifle. As gratitude, Chaika buys Toru a meal only for Toru's sister, Akari, to show up and accuse him of slacking off. Meanwhile, Alberic Gillett and his men from the Gillett Corps meet with Roberto Abarth, a war hero who fought against the Gaz Empire five years previously, and ask Abarth for the item he acquired from the war but they are refused. Meanwhile, Chaika hires the Acura siblings to steal an item from Abarth's mansion. That night, Toru, Akari and Chaika sneak into Abarth's mansion but encounter Abarth himself, who mistakes them for thieves hired by Alberic to steal his item. As he's about to use his magic to eliminate them, Abarth is shocked when he recognizes Chaika.

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