Chaika - The Coffin Princess Episode 12 English Dubbed


You are going to Watch Chaika - The Coffin Princess Episode 12 English dubbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime Chaika - The Coffin Princess Episode 12 Online English dub Those Left Behind. The commander of the Stratus is unfazed by Alberic's pleas for time and orders the Stratus to fire on the Soara. As the Soara and Stratus fire at each other, Zuita is able to free Akari from Grad's mind control. The continued battle between the sky fortresses has severely damaged the Stratus and caused the Soara's cannon to misfire, with Alberic and the unfortunate ground forces of the Alliance caught in the misaimed blast. The only trace of Alberic that Leonardo is able to find is his sword. Despite the revelations of her true origins, Chaika resolves to continue her quest to gather's Arthur's remains. Unable to aim Soara's cannon, Layla suggests to Ricardo that they crash the Soara into Cadwell, the capital of the Wiemac kingdom. This plan is thwarted by the Stratus which rams the Soara, sending both of the fortresses into the lake below. On their way to rejoin Toru, Akari, Vivi and Zuita discover that Fredrika, having created a second body, is still alive. They split up to search and Akari heads to the bridge where she kills Grad, ending his control of his minions. Chaika, wandering the fortress in search of her companions, stumbles upon Layla and Ricardo and is about to suffer the same fate as the girls from the town when an injured Toru rescues Chaika, and they flee after retrieving Arthur's left leg. Layla, angered that Chaika has decided to continue her quest despite learning the truth, shoots Toru with a crossbow. She is about to shoot Chaika but is distracted by Guy, allowing Chaika to shoot her with her Gundo sniper rifle. Chaika rescues Toru from drowning, and with the help of Fredrika in her dragoon form, she, Toru, Akari, Vivi and Zuita escape the Soara before it sinks to the bottom. Layla, seriously injured, makes her way to a dying Ricardo so that they can die together. On rejoining their companions, Vivi and Zuita learn of Alberic's death. Vivi screams in grief and her hair and eyes turn white and purple, respectively. Back at their vehicle, Chaika reveals her true origins to Toru, Akari and Fredrika as well as her determination to continue her quest. The others agree to help her and they drive off to their next destination.

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