D.Gray-Man Episode 38 English Subbed


Online stream anime episodes, Watch D.Gray-Man Episode 38 English Subbed online and free episodes. Anime Episode guide, Chapter D.Gray-Man Episode 38 English Subbed Froi Tiedoll With their destination not too far away, Kanda and Daisya meet up with another fellow exorcist, Noise Marie, and together they head for Barcelona. Meanwhile, a massive attack from a legion of akuma brings crisis in Barcelona where it is thought to be the location of General Tiedoll. In fact, he is travelling with a family and still sketching landscapes. The large groups of Finders struggle to protect the city as they wait for the exorcists to arrive, but are ultimately overwhelmed. Luckily, Kanda and the others arrive just in time, but to their misfortune Tyki is in the same area. While the Exorcists are split up, Daisya meets Tyki and realizes Tyki is not human.

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