D.Gray-Man Episode 65 English Subbed


Online stream anime episodes, Watch D.Gray-Man Episode 65 English Subbed online and free episodes. Anime Episode guide, Chapter D.Gray-Man Episode 65 English Subbed Landing The five Exorcists and three surviving sailors finally arrive in Japan, but they are in bad shape. Chomesuke (whose real name is Sachiko) tells them that Japan has long been under the Earl's control. On the way to Edo, the group witnesses one of Chomesuke's friends being killed and eaten by three Level 3 akuma. Chomesuke is captured by one of them, who prove to be more than a match for both Lavi and Krory. However, Lavi cleverly attracts the attention of the other two Level 3s, and the three akuma begin fighting amongst each other over who will kill the Exorcists, who seize their chance to escape.

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