D.Gray-man Episode 74 English Dubbed


Watch full D.Gray-man Season 2 Episode 23 English Dubbed full HD online. D.Gray-man Episode 74 English Dubbed online for free in HD. Edo's Annihilation The Earl's black orb of energy completely destroys Edo. The Exorcists are left in various conditions, though General Cross' group is more severely wounded. Lenalee, however, is protected by her Innocence, which once again encases her in a crystal-like form. This form catches the Earl's interest, and he sends Tyki, Skin, and the Combined Akuma to obtain her Innocence. Kanda fights Tyki, Lavi and Marie confront Skin, and General Tiedoll confronts the Combined Akuma. He activates his Maker of Eden Innocence and stops it. However, with all the Exorcists doing battle with the Noah, Lenalee is left unguarded, giving the Earl a chance to breach Lenalee's protective Innocence barrier. As he is about to grab her, a white arm stops him. Allen has arrived with the Ark, and he and the Earl meet face to face once again.

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