D.Gray-man Episode 76 English Dubbed


Watch full D.Gray-man Season 2 Episode 25 English Dubbed full HD online. D.Gray-man Episode 76 English Dubbed online for free in HD. Key and Noah's Door Lenalee is sucked into a portal created by Lero. Allen reaches into the portal and is pulled in as well. Lavi, Kanda, Krory, and Chaoji follow suit. Those left behind see a strange object materialize in the sky; the infamous Noah's Ark. Allen and his friends find themselves inside the Ark and see a projection of the Earl which tells them that they will be deleted in three hours along with the Ark. The remaining Exorcists on in Edo are then attacked by a horde of Combined Akuma. Marie attacks with his Noel Organon ability while Tiedoll attacks with his Maker of Eden, Art, a gigantic white figure. Miranda tells Bookman that everyone's time is still inside her Innocence, but any new injuries they receive will not heal. Meanwhile inside the Ark, Tyki appears and Allen realizes that Tyki is the Noah that destroyed his Innocence. Tyki gives them a key to an exit door created by Road, situated at the Ark's highest point on top of a tower. The Exorcists enter a room in the tower and are confronted by the Noah, Skin Boric. Kanda recognizes Skin as the Noah targeting General Tiedoll. He tells the others to go ahead and prepares to challenge Skin by himself.

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