D.Gray-Man Episode 89 English Subbed


Online stream anime episodes, Watch D.Gray-Man Episode 89 English Subbed online and free episodes. Anime Episode guide, Chapter D.Gray-Man Episode 89 English Subbed The Voice of Darkness After damaging Road in the dream world, Lavi starts to fade away. However, the other Lavi realizes he is the Exorcist's real mind and returns to his body. Screaming Lavi's name, Allen manages to save him and the Fire Seal turns into stone. Road breaks out of the stone and is unable to move. Lenalee starts to believe that Allen and Lavi are gone, but they also emerge from a pile of stone. Road starts to laugh hysterically until she bursts into smoke. Soon after, the room starts to crumble. When they reach the exit, Allen decides to save Tyki, but is pulled down to the floor below. After the dust clears, it seems something is wrong with Tyki, who has transformed into something terrifying.

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