Danny Phantom Episode 8 - Prisoners of Love


You will Watch Danny Phantom Episode 8 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Danny Phantom Episode 8 Prisoners of Love Danny is afraid of three things. First of all, he's afraid that his parents are going to divorce because he heard Maddie say that just before she left to go to her sister's house. Jack trails him leaving his kids behind. Second, Jazz is acting all crazy because she says the events that are happening are "not right." And lastly, Danny accidentally strides into the ghost zone and gets caught by the ghost warden, Walker. Now Danny is even more afraid because the Jack left his apology present at the house and now Danny's knocked it into the ghost zone, now Danny has to go back in and find it, but not to long, he's caught by Walker again and is sent to the ghost zone prison for 1,000 years! Now he's more afraid than ever because five ghosts he had fought in the past, Box Ghost, Skulker, Lunch Lady, Technus, and Desiree are now taking their revenge! Now to get out, Danny will have to trust and work together with his enemies.

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