Darker Than Black Episode 1 English Dubbed


Stream anime episodes online for free, Watch Darker Than Black Episode 1 English version online and free episodes. Anime Episode guide, Chapter Darker Than Black Episode 1 English dubbed The Fallen Star of a Contract... (Part 1) The police attempt to arrest a Caucasian man, but he escapes using gravitational power. He lands a short distance away, but while attempting to complete his payment, he is confronted by a mysterious masked man who easily defeats him and demands to know the location of the package. After the defeated man reveals that a girl named Chiaki knows the location of the package, the masked man, Hei, kills the other man. Still in pursuit, the Public Security Bureau Section 4 chief, Misaki Kirihara, is informed of the man's death and discovers his identity as a DGSE agent. She later discusses the man's death with her investigative police squad. Investigating a lead, Yūsuke Saitō and Yutaka Kōno, members of the investigative squad, hang out in a hostess bar and end up pursuing a girl they believe to be Chiaki Shinado. Hei, also known as Li, meets up with her and saves her from the police. When Chiaki meets up with her supposed allies, she is kidnapped, forcing Hei to save her again. However, another contractor punches Hei over the railing of a bridge and knocks Chiaki out, capturing her. She escapes from her kidnappers and meets up with Hei again, collapsing into his arms.

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