Dave the Barbarian Episode 16 That Darn Ghost! / The Cow Says Moon


You are going to Watch Dave the Barbarian Episode 16 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Dave the Barbarian Episode 16 Online That Darn Ghost!: Candy discovers that she is the only person in Udrogoth who does not have a ghost haunting her house. Caring for their sister, Dave and Fang go down to the local ghost shop, and hire a ghost. The ghost throws a huge ghost party, and everyone's ghost attends. After Candy tries to kick them all out, the ghosts get angry, and chase the gang around Udrogoth. The Cow Says Moon: Evil Princess Irmaplotz summons forth a cow like something milky to bite Dave after he swims in the milk, thus in a month later when the moon is full, making Dave a Were-Cow.

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