Descendants: Wicked World Episode 11 I'm Your Girl


You are going to Watch Descendants: Wicked World Episode 11 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Descendants: Wicked World Episode 11 Online I'm Your Girl. Lonnie has been chosen to perform on Jordan's talent show, and Mal and Evie have volunteered to design her outfit for the occasion. Although Lonnie is grateful, she is however puzzled by the reason of making her new dress in the science lab. Since Jordan and Lonnie wanted it look fierce, but also welcoming, Mal and Evie plan to make Lonnie's dress cutting edge with the use of chemical compounds. Mal shows Lonnie and Jordan a few designs she drew and scanned onto her tablet. They both like what she has come up with, but believe they can make Lonnie's dress look much more fiercer, and more friendly. Mal knows just the thing, and Evie presents a conical flask full of ex-nuclear waste. Mal tells Lonnie they are going to use it to make her dress glow in the dark...

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