Detective Conan OVAs Episode 1 English Subbed


Watch full Detective Conan OVAs Episode 1 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Detective Conan OVAs Episode 1 English sub streaming online. Conan vs Kid vs Yaiba - The Decisive Battle over the Treasured Sword!. Kaito Kid sends a message to the Yaiba family announcing his intention to steal the Treasure Sword. Kogoro Mouri is hired to prevent the burglary. While, Conan, there with Kogoro and others, notices strange things and finds out the Granny of the house has the alcohol that changes his body back to normal. After drinking a similar medicine containing the same ingredient Conan starts transforming. Rather than transforming back to normal his body changes into Kogoro and then Heiji and everyone thinks him as disguised Kaito Kid. While Kid invades and steals the sword from the Yaiba family, he is blasted away by a cannon. Conan realizes that too many things are inconsistent and deduces that he is dreaming. Conan then awakens in the morning and realizes it was a dream caused by excess reading of the Yaiba manga series.

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