Di-Gata Defenders Season 1 Episode 24 Adam and Eve of Destruction


You will Watch Di-Gata Defenders Season 1 Episode 24 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Di-Gata Defenders Episode 24 Adam and Eve of Destruction. In a surprise turn of events, Adam shows up at Brackus’ safe house with the four pure stones and Kara all tied up. Kara is grabbed and prepared for the host body transfer that will give Nazmul physical form. An enraged Seth leads an all out assault on the castle. Adam wanted to get into Nazmul's goodbooks, but he is thrown into prison. Kara escapes and runs into Adam, who had escaped and reveals that he had planned to let Nazmal to possess her so that he could imprison Nazmul in the Nova stone. He also reveals that Brackus really was his father, but Nazmul shows up, saying Brackus was not really Adam's father and that Brackus had destroyed Adam's real parents, and Kara reveals that he is really a Defender. Nazmul attacks Adam and attempts to possess Kara. Repentant for the error of his ways, Adam risks his life to free Kara, but fails. The Defenders suddenly charge in and Seth gets into a fight with Nazmul, who then had to take on Omniaxor. Erik runs to see if Kara is okay and Mel goes to get the pure stones. Along the way, Adam makes a final mistake, he sets Brackus free thinking he is no longer a threat. With Kara safe and the four stones in hand, the Defenders head for the place of binding, unaware that Brackus is already making plans.

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