Di-Gata Defenders Season 1 Episode 25 Perfect Host


You will Watch Di-Gata Defenders Season 1 Episode 25 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Di-Gata Defenders Episode 25 Perfect Host. The Defenders have successfully maimed Nazmul and the Order of Infinis is now in wreck. Brackus now commands the army and pursues the Defenders to the Spell Zone. Meanwhile, Mel, Kara,and Eric go into the dojo to talk to Professor Alnar, Adam and Seth stay outside of the dojo because Seth is merged with Kragus and Adam was not trained as a Defender, they talk about random things until Seth says that Mel likes Adam. Hearing this, Adam goes crazy. Seeing that Seth overdid the conversation he says "I wish I never said that"to Adam. In a shocking twist, Nazmul finds the perfect host: But it is not Mel or Kara, it's Malco. Now the Infinis Civil War and the final battle for control of RaDos rages on, with carboard tanks. However, in the process, The Megalith is freed and the Pure Stones are destroyed.

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