DuckTales 2017 Episode 1 - Woo-oo!



Watch full DuckTales 2017 Episode 1 online full HD online. Cartoon video DuckTales 2017 Episode 1 online for free in HD. With no one else to watch them while he attends a job interview, Donald Duck begrudgingly leaves his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie with his uncle Scrooge McDuck, who has difficulty bonding with them. Webby Vanderquack, the granddaughter of Scrooge's housekeeper Mrs. Beakley, befriends the boys and shows them examples of Donald's heroics as Scrooge's sidekick, but they inadvertently release various ancient evils housed in the artifacts in Scrooge's garage. Scrooge arrives and defeats the ghosts, but accidentally frees Pishu, a gold-hunting dragon. With the help of the nephews, Webby, and Scrooge's chauffeur Launchpad, Scrooge turns the dragon back to stone. His adventurer's spirit rekindled, Scrooge decides to take them all on a mission to find the Lost Jewel of Atlantis, an immense source of power. Elsewhere, Donald is hired as a sailor by Scrooge's rival, Flintheart Glomgold, who also seeks the Jewel. After a long trip, Scrooge's submarine reaches Atlantis, which they discover is upside-down, and begin exploring. Due to Dewey's overeagerness, he and Scrooge are separated from the others. Glomgold and his team secretly follow, with Donald attempting to protect them from Glomgold and the ruins' traps. Glomgold reaches the jewel and escapes as Scrooge and Dewey arrive, trapping them and Donald in a rapidly-flooding room. Dewey realizes that the jewel was fake, and with Scrooge and Donald's help, grabs the real jewel, removing the water. The rest of the team defeat Glomgold's henchmen, and they all escape before Atlantis is destroyed. The media celebrate Scrooge's return to adventuring, while Glomgold suffers the curse of his jewel. Beakley and Donald allow the children to accompany Scrooge on further expeditions, and after Donald's house boat get destroyed, Scrooge offers to let them all move into McDuck Manor. In the aftermath, Dewey discovers a painting of their mother adventuring alongside Scrooge and Donald.

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