Fairy Tail Episode 256 English Dubbed


Watch full Fairy Tail Season 7 Episode 81 English Dubbed full HD online. Fairy Tail Episode 256 English Dubbed online for free in HD. Tartaros Chapter – Final Duels Despite his ailing condition, Laxus fights and defeats Tempester. The demon's blood spills onto Laxus' coat, which he gives to Gajeel to deliver to Porlyusica and create an antidote for himself, the Raijin Tribe, and Yajima. Mortally wounded, Tempester turns into toxic mist once more to kill the wizards, but Gray arrives and freezes the mist with his new demon-slaying magic before his friends are contaminated. Meanwhile, Erza and her allies reach the main control room to find Kyôka and Seilah successfully activating Face using Crawford's corpse. Mirajane comes and takes Seilah down, leaving Erza to face the final Demon Gate Kyôka before the bombs detonate.

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