Fraggle Rock Season 3 Episode 20 A Dark and Stormy Night


You will Watch Fraggle Rock Season 3 Episode 20 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Fraggle Rock Episode 68 A Dark and Stormy Night. Gobo feels as if he's done it all and wishes there was someplace he could explore. But when he hears that the Gorgs are going on a vacation, he thinks his problem is solved, and decides to map the inside of the Gorg's castle. Meanwhile, Ma and Pa are going on their second honeymoon, and they want Junior to stay behind and watch the castle. When Gobo tells everyone of his new exploration, the other Fraggles think the Gorgs are going to be in the castle while he's exploring. But when Red and Mokey find out that the Gorgs are leaving, Red becomes upset with Gobo, thinking that he lied to them. So she gets Boober and Mokey to help scare Gobo, who's got Wembley by his side for the overnight stay. But when the Crown Jewel becomes missing, Junior gets scared and thinks somebody's in the castle. When Gobo and the gang reveal themselves to Junior, Junior later thinks that there's a real thief outside. Junior must work with the Fraggles to catch the jewel thief in order to prove to his parents he's mature enough to watch over the castle.

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