Fraggle Rock Season 4 Episode 11 Wonder Mountain


You will Watch Fraggle Rock Season 4 Episode 11 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Fraggle Rock Episode 80 Wonder Mountain. Mokey wants to go all the way up to Wonder Mountain to see the Aurora Fragglialis, which only occurs once every 1000 days. But Red's worried about Mokey going alone, and even though she promised Mokey she trusted her enough to go by herself, Red decides to leave the duties of plant-sitting Lanford to Gobo, Boober and Wembley to watch over Mokey so nothing bad happens. The only problem is, Red falls victim to almost everything, while the dreamy Mokey just keeps going on. She gets torn up through some rough brush, falls off the Invisible Bridge, and almost gets enchanted by the Singing Cactus, when Mokey spots her and saves her. When asked why she decided to come along, Red says she wants to see the Aurora Fragglialis too. But later on, as they go past where the Avalanche Monster lives, he wakes up, and chases down the two girls. It's up to Mokey and Red to work together to get the Rock Monster off their tails in order to go and experience the Aurora Fragglialis before it's too late.

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