Fraggle Rock Season 5 Episode 12 The Honk of Honks


You will Watch Fraggle Rock Season 5 Episode 12 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Fraggle Rock Episode 95 The Honk of Honks. Gobo goes into "Outer Space" in search of an adventure. But when he realizes that Doc can't see him, but Sprocket can, Gobo becomes amazed. Meanwhile, Wembley catches up to his pal and tells him Cantus is coming back. When Cantus arrives, he tells the Fraggles it's time for the Song of Songs, and in order to do that, one Fraggle must create the Honk of Honks. He assigns Gobo to the task, to which Gobo refuses at first to go back up to "Outer Space" to see the Silly Creature again. Cantus finds him and tells him the Honk of Honks is much more important. He later tells him that, in order to make the Honk work, he needs to realize that "We're all a part of everything, and everything is a part of us." Gobo then gets a honking device from the Trash Heap, Junior Gorg, and Cotterpin Doozer, and connects them all to the Fraggle Horn. But it wasn't the true Honk of Honks, and Cantus cancels the celebration. Later, Gobo and Cantus have words, and Cantus tells him that he finally needs to touch the Silly Creature in order for both of them to see. So, it's up to Gobo to finally make contact with Doc, in order to finally understand what it means to touch someone and see. And maybe—just maybe—everyone can finally be a part of the true Song of Songs.

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