Freezing Episode 2 English Dubbed


You are going to Watch Freezing Episode 2 English dubbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime Freezing Episode 2 Online English dub Pandora Mode.Because of Kazuya's interference, Satellizer lost the battle against Ganessa, who is now the number-one-ranked second-year Pandora. Kazuya wants to apologize to Satellizer, but Chiffon advises him against it due to Satellizer's aphephobia and her propensity toward attacking anyone who touches her. Soon, Satellizer arrives, and Kazuya tries apologize to her. Despite Kazuya holding her arm, Satellizer does nothing but tell him to leave her alone. Just then, a gloating Ganessa arrives and insults Satellizer, which starts a fight between the two despite Chiffon's warnings. When Satellizer manages to knock her down, Ganessa goes into Pandora Mode and proceeds to beat and torture Satellizer. Kazuya tries to stop the fight, but Ganessa slaps him away which causes Satellizer to react and go into Pandora Mode as well, and defeats Ganessa. Yumi and Medical Officer Elize Schmitz soon arrive to stop the fight, and they punish both girls with detention. After getting to know the headmistress, Sister Margaret, and his dorm neighbor, Arthur Crypton, Ganessa's Limiter, Kazuya still wants to apologize properly to Satellizer. Meanwhile, a Pandora named Miyabi Kannazuki takes an interest with Kazuya and wants to make him her newest Limiter.

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