Full Moon o Sagashite Episode 52 English Subbed


You are going to Watch Full Moon o Sagashite Episode 52 English subbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime Full Moon o Sagashite Episode 52 Online English sub Searching For The Full Moon.Near the end of the concert, Fullmoon announces the audience that she will be taking a temporary leave; Oshige tells Madoka and the staff about her fortold death. During the last song "LOVE CHRONICLE", Takuto and Meroko disappear, and the Death Master says that they will be punished for their actions, and Mitsuki will die. However, seeing the willpower within the two, Meroko becomes an angel for showing true kindness, Takuto becomes human again having another chance. Izumi actually helped maintain Mitsuki's last transformation in the end. Mitsuki agrees to take the surgery and luckily, she is able to keep her voice, having a dream about Eichi, Takuto and Meroko. But she can no longer see the shinigami. She then meets the angel Meroko who shows her the way to the human Takuto. Mitsuki finds Takuto and calls out his name and remembers Mitsuki. It becomes a heart-felt moment.

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