Gakuen Alice Episode 15 English Subbed


Watch full Gakuen Alice Episode 15 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Gakuen Alice Episode 15 English sub streaming online. Let's Go Back to the Academy. Realizing that Natsume plans to kill himself to defeat Reo and save them, Mikan runs back to the warehouse while Sumire is captured by an officer. Mikan is bale to stop Natsume just in time and asks him if he truly wants to die. He asks her why she came back, and she replies that she could never leave him because he is her partner. She is able to distract Reo and his bodyguards as she tries to escape with Natsume. They fall down a flight of stairs, and Natsume orders her to leave. She refuses and explains that even though she doesn't understand what problems he has, she can never leave him behind and wants the two of them to return to the academy together. They finally reach an compromise. Mikan tries to protect Natsume, but is injured. Natsume is angry that Mikan is hurt and ignites the warehouse. Some time later, Mikan wakes up in the hospital in the academy. Narumi tells her that they didn't find Reo, but Natsume is safe and she is upgraded to One-Star for her actions.

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