Gakuen Alice Episode 25 English Subbed


Watch full Gakuen Alice Episode 25 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Gakuen Alice Episode 25 English sub streaming online. Take Back the Academy. In retaliation for what the school has done to Natsume, Ruka uses his alice to make the animals cause chaos in the academy. Mikan and the others try to stop him from hurting anyone, but he refuses to listen and is determined to get justice for his best friend. When it appears that Ruka might be turning against his own friends, Natsume suddenly appears and slaps some sense into him. Natsume tells Ruka that no one but him has control over his Alice. With that, Ruka finally calms down and peace is restored. Defeated, Reo is confronted by Narumi, who demands to know why had turned to Z. Reo reveals that he is angry at Narumi for remaining with the academy knowing what it does to its students. Narumi expresses forgiveness for Reo, in turn, does the same.

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