Galaxy Angel A Episode 21-22 English Dubbed


You are going to Watch Galaxy Angel A Episode 21-22 English dubbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime Galaxy Angel A Episode 21-22 Online English dub Frequently Ordered Sushi ~ The Angels, angry by their meager salary packets decide to drown their sorrows by going to a sushi dojo. The curator, an octopus, challenges them to a fight when Forte, Ranpha, and Mint become obstinate. They accept, but he refuses to then share the rules with them. & Fortuitous Family Set ~ One of the richest men in the country announces that, due to her helping him in a pinch not knowing he was wealthy, he would like Ranpha to become his adopted daughter. Ranpha quickly takes advantage of the situation, first spending money to upgrade her unit and her Emblem Frame. Then, Ranpha promotes herself to leader and bosses the other Angels around. When a mission is assigned, Ranpha orders the other Angels and Volcott to do the mission for her. Making poor decisions, the Angels get caught and fail the mission. The richest men then announces that they made a mistake in identifying the person, leaving Ranpha alone. However, the tribe that kidnapped the Angels quickly adopts Ranpha, becoming the princess of the tribe.

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