Galaxy Angel A Episode 25-26 English Dubbed


You are going to Watch Galaxy Angel A Episode 25-26 English dubbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime Galaxy Angel A Episode 25-26 Online English dub Junk Ramen, Extra Noodles Available ~ Milfeulle is trying to make a cake for a cooking competition and the rest of the Angels covertly assist her, hoping for a piece of the billion gala prize. When it is discovered they are four eggs short they send Vanilla out to get some more, but Vanilla doesn't seem her usual self. In fact, she seems more like a robot. & Continuously Pushed Sweet Red Bean Soup ~ The Angel Brigade bring back a lost technology that resembles a button. Despite their will power, they end up pushing the unmarked button to see what it does. As Milfeulle is desperate to see what the button does, Forte stops her, saying that it is their duty to protect the lost technology from being activated. Milfeulle presses it and receives a cooking pan. Normad also presses the button and receives a rug for Vanilla. Vanilla receives a prayer from god. Forte, Ranpha and Mint begin to realize the amazement, it seems as if they will receive whatever their greatest desire is. Forte, Ranpha, and Mint become greedy and try to fight for the button to receive their desires. However, there is a price.

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