Galaxy Angel AA Episode 37-38 English Dubbed


You are going to Watch Galaxy Angel AA Episode 37-38 English dubbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime Galaxy Angel AA Episode 37-38 Online English dub Deep Fried Love Letter ~ Vanilla gets a love letter from a mysterious stranger. When it becomes apparent that she does not know what to do about dates (or knows too much), the Angels band together to help her through the process of love. Ranpha gives her a dating sim to help Vanilla. However, Normad is jealous of Vanilla, feeling that Vanilla has dumped her for this new person. As Vanilla progresses to the point where she gets a night out with the stranger, Normad cannot take it any more and warps back in time to make sure he is Vanilla's love, going far as sending love letters and asking Maribu and Kokomo for assistance. The mysterious stranger may actually be Normad from another time period. & Galactic Rose Tea ~ Ranpha, returning from a mission, encounters a reckless spacecraft which almost crashes into her. She pursues the pilot of the ship to tell her off, but when the other vessel comes under attack by aliens Ranpha decides to aid the obstinate captain. As Ranpha enters the spacecraft to find the captain, she is told many times to leave. She finds the cockpit and realizes that there is nobody on board except a hologram. The captain tells Ranpha that she is already dead and the spacecraft is destined to die. Ranpha accepts the fate and leaves.

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